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The Coinage of Icons

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All new icon posts are made to my personal journal, oltha_heri. Feel free to friend the journal, just icons and the occasional fic should show up on your f-list almost everything else is f-locked (although I do warn you in advance that the most likely things to slip through are fan rants on Doctor Who).

This community is for me (oltha_heri/Alice) to post my icons, fanmixes, banners, and rest of my graphic stuff. I have many fandoms that are on a little rotation thing, but basically they are thus: Farscape, Bones, Angel, Various Costume Dramas, DOCTOR WHO, Austen, North and South, Firefly, Slings and Arrows, Shakespeare, and several other pop up.

Pretty Basic
1. Do not hotlink if you use up my bandwith it will backfire on you and everyone else so just go get an account at phototbucket, or even upload it through LJ, it is FREE.
2. Credit if you do not credit I will hunt you down.
3. Comment if you take pretty self explanatory.
4. Textless icons are not bases again with the self explanatory.

If you wish to be added please comment on any post, and you can link back here with either a simple lj community link or one of these buttons.

Resource Post
oltha_heri My personal journal.
medea_superest My writing if anyone is interested.

10/rose, 10rose, a midsummers night dream, american psycho, anti-bush, art, austen, batman, batman begins, blackpool, bon voyage, books, booromir, bridget jones's diary, britain, brother carl, casanova, chiana, christian bale, christopher lee, col. brandon, colin firth, colonel brandon, comments, companions of the doctor, curt/brian, daniel/vala, darcy/elizabeth, dashwoods, david bowie, david tennant, david wenham, doctor who, doctor/romana, dvds, elinor dashwood, emma, eowyn, eru, ewan mcgregor, fan anything, fan fiction, fan mixes, fan vids, fantasy, faramir, faramir and eowyn, farscape, fashion, fifth doctor, findualis, firefly, fourth doctor, fred, fred and george, gandalf, gandalf the grey, gandalf the white, george, ginny/harry, ginny/tom, gred and forge, green wing, hamlet, han solo, harry potter, hermione, hermione granger, hermione granger weasley, hermione jane granger, hermione jane granger weasley, hermione weasley, history, hp, ian mckellen, icons, jedis, john/aeryn, jon stewart, kinghtley/emma, leela, lei organa skywalker solo, leia, leia organa, leia organa skywalker, literature, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, lou reed, mace-windu, madaq alley, mal, mal/river, mansfield park, mark darcy, merry, mithandir, moulin rouge, movies, mr. knightley, mr.darcy, music, ninth doctor, obi-wan, oscar wilde, padme, persuasion, philosophy, photography, pippin, poetry, pride and prejudice, quantum theory, queen amidala, qui-gon jinn, reading, river tam, roald dahl, rohan, romana, romana/leela, ron/hermione, rose, rose tyler, sam/jack, samwise gamgee, samwise the brave, sean bean, sg-1, shakespeare, shmi, simon tam, simon/kaylee, skywalkers, slings and arrows, star wars, tea, ten/rose, tenth doctor, the beeb, the christmas invasion, the doctor, the tams, twinings, velvet goldmine, writing