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Note of Importance.

Okay so I should've posted this awhile ago but it is here now.


All of my icons from now on will be posted at my own journal,oltha_heri. Feel free to friend the journal, just icons and the occasional fic should show up on your f-list almost everything else is f-locked (although I do warn you in advance that the most likely things to slip through are fan rants on Doctor Who).</lj>

Thank you to any one who watches this community, or anyone who has ever commented. All of the posts here will be kept open and active, I will still get comments addressed to the posts here, but all new posts will be made at my journal.
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Fanmix: I Believe In You. Wendy Watson & The Middleman.

Wendy Watson & The Middleman

This was supposed to be a pure shipper mix, but it ended up being a lot about Wendy as an individual as well, so that is where most of the songs are coming from. Also the song that started this whole thing for me was "You Are The Moon" and it is on this mix, and has a fic (that is here) that kind of but not quite embodies the scene that made me think of Wendy and MM. Also What The Snowman Learned About Love" was really included not for it's lyrics but its fantastic instrumental introduction. Also I tried to make the quotes work for the song, and they may just hold different meanings for me as a viewer/listener but I'd love feedback on them as I've never tried to explain song choices this way before.

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72 New Who Icons (my first donna batch yay!!)

72 New Who Icons
{26} 3x12 The Sound of Drums
{12} 4x03 Planet of the Ood
{24} 4x04 The Sontaran Stratagem
{10} 4x05 Poison Sky

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do not steal i.e. credit oltha_heri or a_curst_shrew
do not hotlink
a textless icon is not a base
all comments are love
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Tutorial 01: Black & White

Some one was interested in my black & white icons, so here is my first tutorial.

step one. Crop the original image.

step two. Desaturate (Image --> Adjustments --> Desaturate) the image. This should be "Layer 1"

step three. Duplicate Layer 1, and set it too Screen.

step four. Duplicate "Layer 1 copy" and set it to Soft Light at 100% opacity. Flatten image. So that it is your new Background.

step five.Layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Brightness/Contrast
Brightness -15
Contrast +5

The Original

And you are done.

Basically what I try to do with black&white images is take the original image duplicate twice, set the first copy to Screen the second to Soft Light and fiddle with the Brightness/Contrast, bringing the Brightness below 0 and the ramping up the Contrast (far above what was necessary for this image). Basically you should just fiddle until what is right for the image.

I hope this helps, if it doesn't help I can make one for one of the other black & white icons from the post.

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